Our business consultancy revolves around one single point: Performance Improvement. To materialize this we work on creating strategies to promote profit sustainability across the enterprise, focusing on improving efficiency and profitability at the same time. At times when business runs smoothly, changing economic or social climate or some unforeseen circumstances can bring some changes within the business. This can create a need that cannot be met with the existing skills within the business. At that time a specialist consultant can provide the skills necessary to deal with the situation. Consulting is about a relationship in which an outsider makes his knowledge and experience available to an enterprise in an advisory role, and in implementation.

Consultise involves in new and existing business to

  • Help you with information on the changes
  • Diagnose, and then help in surviving a crisis
  • Equip you to face issues / challenges
  • Identify the existing and latent opportunities
  • Suggest, Implement and derive at a consensus around the corrective action

  • Initiate future learning process
  • Improve organizational effectiveness and productivity
  • Select the right manpower
  • Liaison with statutory bodies and media
  • Carry out PR activities

  • Help the organizations adapt to the Socio-economic and political changes
  • Assist organizations in financial planning and to source fund
  • Frame out necessary In-house Training

This is executed within a time frame, with a clear objectivity, specific skill sets, and by professionals who have abundant knowledge and experience.Consultise’s management consultancy also covers product launch, branding, market studies and sales promotions